Sistema Global Volunteer Leaders

Peter Van Ooyen Sistema Global Volunteer Coordinator

Peter Van Ooyen

Peter Van Ooyen is the Volunteer Facilitator  for Sistema Global. He also is a Youth and School Orchestral Clinician.

Keane Southard

Keane Southard is the Global Program Directory Manager for Sistema Global.

Elaine Sandoval Research Manager

Elaine Sandoval

Elaine Sandoval is a Research Manager  for Sistema Global.

Stephen Fairbanks Sistema Global Research Manager

Stephen Fairbanks

Stephen Fairbanks is a Research Manager and Research Forum Moderator for Sistema Global.

Shoshona Klein

Shoshona is Co-Librarian Manager in Rep&Resource for Sistema Global.

Helena Lloyd

Helena is the C0-Librarian Manager  in Rep&Resource for Sistema Global.

Maria Falsone

Maria Falsone is the Special Project Lead – Friendly Folk.

Marielvis Márquez Facebook Manager

Marielvis Márquez

Marielvis is the Facebook Manager for Sistema Global.

Daniela Pena

Daniela Pena is our Instagram editor.

Roslyn Raney

Roslyn Raney is a Spanish Translator for Sistema Global.

Ciera DeSilva Sistema Global Spanish Translator

Ciera DeSilva

Ciera DeSilva is a Spanish Translator for Sistema Global.

Carolina Salvo Public Relations

Carolina Salvo

Carolina Salvo is the Public Relations advisor for Sistema Global.

Peter Tran Sistema Global

Peter Tran

Peter Tran is a Strategic Planning Intern for Sistema Global.

Pinterest Manager

Maria Del Valle is our Pinterest Manager updating and pinning regularly. Follow us HERE on Pinterest.