Sistema Global, the worldwide voice of El Sistema, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit seeking to connect, encourage, and inspire El Sistema teachers and leaders everywhere. We are expanding our dynamic team of interns and volunteers with opportunities for multiple individuals in the following areas: Marketing, Fundraising, Website content development, Resource page management and Program directory review.

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El Sistema Global Literature Review

We published a free, comprehensive Literature Review of El Sistema and Sistema-inspired programs around the world. Get the full review or the summary.

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Are you looking for an El Sistema program in your area? Use our searchable global directory of local programs to find the one closest to you!

Sistema Global Child and Family Safety Commitment

Sistema Global has always been committed to the safety and security of children and families. Our core values, which include youth empowerment, collective impact, the development of self-esteem, and the joy of music-making inform everything we do. We condemn any and all forms of violence against children and families. The #YoTeCreoVzla movement has heightened awareness about the constant vigilance needed to provide safe, nurturing environments for young people, not only in El Sistema-inspired learning programs but throughout the world.

Our Sistema Global family upholds Maestro Abreu’s vision of a worldwide network of programs dedicated to the development of the whole child through participation in joyous music-making as a basic human right. We acknowledge that all children deserve a high level of safety and security. As stewards of this ambitious vision, we seek to join with any organization interested in developing awareness of safety protocols for children.

It is our collective responsibility to create safe, healthy, and equitable environments for the development of our youth. We call on our network and our friends to join us in a united effort to protect our children. We will do this by providing guidance and resources to educate and empower teachers, administrators, and the children they serve.

Each and every day, Sistema Global acts on its commitment to the children and families of our global community by providing resources and support to the programs that foster their musical and personal development. Furthermore, we will continue to create awareness of these important issues.  We urge our network of global El Sistema-inspired programs to be proactive in implementing child abuse prevention measures as an integral part of their day-to-day activities. We remain dedicated to delivering clear and specific guidelines that promote a safe space for the children and their families.


Dr. Gisela Flanigan

Executive Director

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Sistema Global’s mission

Sistema Global’s mission is to connect, encourage, and inspire El Sistema teachers and leaders world-wide. Our vision is to maintain the most current and comprehensive source of information about these programs, and use this website as a resource which rapidly responds to the needs of our teachers and leaders.

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