Sistema Global Volunteer Leaders

Peter Van Ooyen Sistema Global Volunteer Coordinator

Peter Van Ooyen

Peter Van Ooyen is the Volunteer Facilitator  for Sistema Global. He also is a Youth and School Orchestral Clinician.

Keane Southard

Keane Southard is the Global Program Directory Manager for Sistema Global.

Shoshona Klein

Shoshona is Co-Librarian Manager in Rep&Resource for Sistema Global.

Helena Lloyd

Helena is the C0-Librarian Manager  in Rep+Resource for Sistema Global.

Marielvis Márquez Facebook Manager

Marielvis Márquez

Marielvis is the Facebook Manager for Sistema Global.

Daniela Pena

Daniela Pena is our Instagram editor.

Maria Del Valle

Maria Del Valle is our Pinterest Manager updating and pinning regularly. Follow us HERE on Pinterest.

Rebecca Taylor

Grant Researcher